This Project was one of our engineered wood flooring jobs which was layed in different ways according to which area we were laying in to, This image shows us fixing the flooring directly to the concrete screed sub floor, To begin with we primed the screed with a liquid DPM to stop moisture, We then adhered the engineered wood flooring directly to the primed floor with a flexible liquid glue.

This next image is a section of building with had wooden floor joists and we will be secret nailing the wood flooring directly to the joists covering up the underfloor heating system witch will work very well with the engineered floor as the engineered flooring we have used is designed specifically for fitting over the under floor heating system.

And then finally this last image shows the oiling process once all the flooring had been fixed and fitted correctly its time for a light sanding and then the app-location of the hard wax oil witch is applied with a clean rag evenly two to three times and maybe a light sand in between coats to finish to perfection.